Our Discovery Services division conducts early-stage research, from identifying biological targets relevant to diseases in patient populations to delivering drug candidates for further development. Our capabilities encompass chemistry, biology, safety assessment, and computational and data sciences for traditional small molecule therapeutics, biologics, and specialty modalities such as peptides, oligonucleotides, antibody-drug conjugates, PROTACs, and CAR-T.

SynVent™ is our specialized platform for integrated therapeutic discovery and preclinical development, offering speed and cost savings to customers.

The Development Services division oversees the progress of lead candidates from the discovery phase through early development, clinical scale, and commercial scale manufacturing. Our product range includes APIs, intermediates, RSMs, high potency APIs, new chemical entities, novel advanced intermediates, oligonucleotides, ADCs, and Performance and Specialty chemicals. We offer chemical, formulation, analytical, and clinical development services. Additionally, we offer chemistry manufacturing control (CMC) review, enabling seamless and well-documented transition of client compounds into the clinical phase.

We offer commercial-scale manufacturing services from our cGMP-compliant API manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru and Mangalore, both of which are US FDA and EMA-certified. We also offer non-GMP manufacturing of small molecules. Our biologics manufacturing facility in Bengaluru,  which is also US FDA and EMA-approved, can handle mammalian, microbial, yeast, and other expression systems. This makes us a fully integrated and custom, biomanufacturer. We also offer a commercial-scale, high-speed, sterile Fill-Finish facility for small molecules and biologics.


Dedicated Centers are multidisciplinary teams based in dedicated facilities focusing on biopharmaceutical research for clients including BMS, Amgen, and Baxter. This model offers a turn-key solution to those clients who want to operate a dedicated research center, at scale, without having to make long-term capital investments. In delivering these services, Syngene fully integrates with the client’s  existing research network while maintaining the flexibility to scale -up and down easily.

The Commercial division is the bridge between Syngene’s scientific teams and the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Through a client-centric approach, global reach, and a commitment to ethics, this division plays a vital role in attracting new clients and nurturing long-lasting partnerships that drive innovation in drug discovery and development. By effectively communicating the company's capabilities and commitment to quality, Syngene continues to be a trusted partner in advancing healthcare solutions worldwide.

While often operating behind the scenes, Syngene's Essential Functions are the unsung heroes of the organization. Their contributions in talent management, technology, finance, compliance, logistics, infrastructure maintenance, communications, safety, and sustainability are indispensable to Syngene's mission of enabling clients to achieve scientific excellence and breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Together, these functions provide the solid foundation upon which Syngene's scientific endeavors thrive.